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Jo Ann Worthington
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Jo Ann Worthington is a professional voice actor based in Los Angeles.

Looking for a credible and soothing voice for your commercial or project? Look no further!

With her unique, distinguished, approachable voice and impressive vocal range, Jo Ann Worthington brings any role to life, infusing every performance with authenticity and character.

Jo Ann is a full-time voiceover artist and has the flexibility to record in her own Pro Tools-equipped studio or in the Los Angeles-area studio of your choice. 

With her diverse and extensive background in the hospitality industry, Jo Ann understands that customer satisfaction is the key to success and welcomes any direction you have to offer, ensuring a quick turnaround and an exemplary performance with every project.

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My dream has always been to be a voiceover artist.

What can I say? I'm passionate about great communication.

As a Sales and Marketing Executive for more than 20 years, I've learned the important lesson that how you say something is just as important as what you're saying.

And you know what? People have listened.

My many years of successfully giving presentations both domestically and internationally, as well as participating in one-on-one meetings in the corporate world have taught me how to truly connect with people and made me extremely effective in a wide range of voiceover applications, including commercials, narration and telephony.

Whatever your project, I can't wait to bring it to life by authentically connecting and engaging with both you and your audience. Let's make something beautiful together.

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Jo Ann Worthington

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Shatterproof * Sonnet * BreaFilms * 24Hour Physicians/Phone Message *Smart Phone